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Ranking the best and worst states for teachers: Is it all about pay?

Your district's ability to retain quality educators may depend on where it stands on a new best and worst states for teachers list, which also measures turnover and class sizes.

When the teacher is out: 3 ways to support short-term substitutes

Nearly half of schools in 2021-22 had higher chronic teacher absenteeism—defined as missing at least 10% of school days—than in the prior year.

The 3 states where teachers say respect for educators has fallen the most

Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas sit atop an undesirable list: Respect for teachers has dropped the most in those states, a survey finds.

Teachers are being priced out of housing. But districts across the country are finding solutions

Building 100 units of its own teacher housing is how the Jefferson Union High School District near San Francisco shrank teacher turnover to nearly zero.

Details are still under wraps as an agreement is reached in Seattle teachers strike

Administrators and union announce a tentative agreement in Seattle teachers strike but when school will start remains unclear.

Would you encourage a young person to teach? Most would not, poll says

Administrators grappling with teacher shortages may not like this news: Fewer than one in five Americans would recommend a teaching career.

Staffing struggles: Here is where teacher shortages are hitting K-12 hardest

State-by-state snapshots show the full range of teacher shortages, from the manageable to the most severe.

How big job search sites aim to help Biden tackle teacher vacancies

Job search giants ZipRecruiter and Indeed are creating K-12 job portals, offering free listings and hosting virtual job fairs as other organizations work to bolster apprenticeships.

4 ways school leaders can stop the cycle of burnout among teachers

Districts must offer more support—extra hands in the classroom, supportive communities and recognition and respect—so teachers can positively impact the future of our young people.

4 ideas you’d be wise to try when recruiting and retaining teachers

The pandemic has shown teachers that their skillsets are in high demand in the private sector, which often offers more money and more flexible work schedules.

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