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Arizona teachers’ careers are at the mercy of political consensus

Arizona public schools are at risk of losing more than $1.3 billion in approved funding, which would inevitably lead to employee layoffs.

Ranking the best and worst states for teachers: Is it all about pay?

Your district's ability to retain quality educators may depend on where it stands on a new best and worst states for teachers list, which also measures turnover and class sizes.

When the teacher is out: 3 ways to support short-term substitutes

Nearly half of schools in 2021-22 had higher chronic teacher absenteeism—defined as missing at least 10% of school days—than in the prior year.

Security stimulus: Schools are getting $1 billion for student health and safety

Education leaders urged to use $1 billion in school safety funding for PD, emergency, and mental health support rather than infrastructure.

Disregard this message: Hacker shares X-rated image in Seesaw app

Families and teachers using the learning management system received a message with a link to a sexually explicit photo, the company announced.

Shorter work weeks become the incentive as districts struggle to hire new teachers

This incentive could be a game-changer for school districts suffering from teacher vacancies, such as Idaho schools, which have 16 classroom teacher job openings that have been listed for at least two years.

The 3 states where teachers say respect for educators has fallen the most

Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas sit atop an undesirable list: Respect for teachers has dropped the most in those states, a survey finds.

School administrators attribute rape threats to students dressing inappropriately

"No skin on your stomach should be showing," one administrator said during an all-girls assembly. "Save the showing of your bodies for later," said another.

Teachers are being priced out of housing. But districts across the country are finding solutions

Building 100 units of its own teacher housing is how the Jefferson Union High School District near San Francisco shrank teacher turnover to nearly zero.

Details are still under wraps as an agreement is reached in Seattle teachers strike

Administrators and union announce a tentative agreement in Seattle teachers strike but when school will start remains unclear.

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